Serving Entrepreneurs, Entertainers, Farmers, and Families

In North Dakota, we're not in the habit of talking about ourselves. We believe in working hard, enjoying life and letting the results speak louder than simple words.

Giddings & Associates clients are like that, too. They're focused on making a living, planning for the future, avoiding trouble and leaving something behind for loved ones and their communities. Maybe their questions are about retirement planning for several members in the same family business. Maybe they want to maximize real estate assets. We get frequent calls about sales and income tax issues. Or we're asked about a unique investment opportunity. It boils down to helping clients grow, preserve and pass on hard-earned money — without any hassle.

Some days we're looking at the numbers. Some days we're researching. And some days we're out standing in a field or touring a company. It's all part of the job.

Anyway, if you like straight advice that helps you work smarter and enjoy more, then give us a call at Giddings. In fact, put us on speed dial. We'll get back to you quickly and go to work.

Our Mission

  • Help clients achieve financial success
  • Share knowledge, expertise and experience
  • Build lifetime partnerships
  • Create an atmosphere of trust, integrity and professionalism

Our Philosophy

We believe that genuine service is attained from building strong client relationships.

By taking an active role, we dedicate ourselves to helping you profitably manage your success.

We believe our services should be designed to meet your particular needs, and the way to accomplish this is by building a lifetime partnership.

Our client service philosophy is future oriented; we review past experiences to develop strategies for your future.

We believe client service means providing the highest quality professional service available in an atmosphere of mutual trust and understanding.