Charlie Giddings

Chief Executive Dog

Charlie Giddings, Good Boy


When he first joined Giddings & Associates in 2009, it didn’t take Charlie long to become promoted to the title Chief Executive Dog. He loves visitors and feels lucky to receive them regularly, greeting everyone who walks through the door very enthusiastically. As manager of morale, he makes regular rounds to ensure all gloomy feelings are kept at bay.

Charlie is responsible for:

  • Making an art of convincing people that they’re actually the ones benefitting from all those belly rubs;
  • Turning a frown upside down;
  • Responding to inquires received via our website
  • Connecting with people and making them feel welcome.

He’s proud of the fact that he’s never had formal training but he instinctively knows his job. His greatest achievement was when he got his own headset so he can now help on the phones.

When not at the office, Charlie enjoys napping and playing with his friend Tanner