“In our family we have various individuals with different goals and stages of life and ambitions. The goal is to fulfill what we as individuals have in mind.

Giddings & Associates has done that and more for us.”

–David Christianson, client since 1997

Smart Strategies Through the Seasons

As changeable as the weather, agribusiness today takes many forms and experiences many transitions. Known for our years of serving family farms in the Red River Valley of the North, Giddings & Associates now advises a variety of farm-related businesses with start-up, tune-up and turn-around strategies.

Supporting not only the structure of these businesses, but also their growth plans and ownership transitions, Giddings is committed to helping agribusinesses create a legacy for future generations. Working together, our team navigates tax law, government programs, insurance and other factors that impact operations and the dynamics of family and non-family stakeholders.

Whether you have local or multi-state business interests, Giddings can help you sort through the details of each business deal, reporting issue, financing need or succession goal. We thrive on complex questions and will cover all the possible risks and scenarios to give you straight advice. Call us with your questions in the following areas:

Tax Services

Giddings & Associates manages all aspects of agribusiness tax planning, reporting and filing, staying up to date on changing government programs, insurance issues and regulations that affect your tax situation throughout the year. This includes farm income averaging, multi-state taxes, depreciation deductions, risk management and financing. Your needs are monitored to provide efficient and timely solutions. We also provide representation and settlement negotiations with tax authorities.


Contact Giddings & Associates to review your cost systems and controls and advise you on solutions to track crop, livestock and product profitability more efficiently. Call on us for budget, payroll and accounting solutions. We perform traditional accounting functions regularly for agribusiness, but also provide more in-depth analysis, including operational reviews and personal financial statements.

Succession and Estate Planning

For multiple business entities and diverse portfolios tied to farm-related enterprises, Giddings & Associates provides strategies for the timing and structure of succession, gift and estate planning. Our services help to preserve cash flow and transition a family farm or farm-related business to the next generation successfully. We also assist with meeting philanthropic goals.


One added value of working with Giddings & Associates is our emphasis on special projects and research that helps agribusiness owners understand their opportunities and risks in any business decision. We have assisted with management information systems design and implementation, farm program compliance, special purpose entities (sugar beets), business start-ups, tune-ups and turn-around strategies.