Tackline the Tough, and Tricky, Questions

Selecting this page means that you are interested in more than just bookkeeping or simple tax preparation. Giddings & Associates has a true passion for digging deeply into questions and concerns that matter most to you. Working as a team within our firm and with a network of other advisors, we will do what it takes to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information and analysis.

In the areas of tax, accounting solutions and estate and succession planning, Giddings serves entrepreneurs, farmers and families with solutions that fit the individual or business. We have served clients on all seven continents, so our consulting experience is just as broad. From foreign banking and real estate assets to multiple business entities, multigenerational ventures, complex income or sales tax matters, retirement and estate vehicles, Giddings supports your questions from A to Z.

For additional information on our specific consulting experience, visit our client pages. Or call us with your questions. We look forward to exploring your options with you.