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“Giddings & Associates has helped us with both family business taxes and personal taxes. It’s into the third generation of the family business now. Mark Giddings and his people are well suited for closely held corporations that involve a lot of family members. When there are current operations happening and also a transfer of equity, they look at all the angles to make sure that it works for the business and the individuals — and that it’s all tax efficient.”

—Peter Christianson, President, Oakwood Stock Farm, LLC, client since 1997

Generations of Trusted Advice

Giddings & Associates advises on family business issues arising from changing lifestyles and lifespans, multigenerational family interests and diverse investments. We have a genuine concern that ties to our value system of making sure that family enterprises stay strong beyond the current generation. Tied to that value, we provide family office management services to assist multiple members of the same family who come to us for advice.

With one tax and accounting resource, you can rely on Giddings to coordinate every detail with legal and financial advisors. Our family office service is your resource to gain a complete picture of how and when to pay off debt, estimate and file taxes, take income or sell assets based on your life stage and business interests.

A further benefit to the family office service is to create solutions that promote family harmony around estate and succession plans, investments and other family business matters. Keep the peace and let’s figure out a creative answer together in the following areas:

Tax Services

Giddings & Associates ensures that income, gift and estate tax planning is handled in a timely manner while considering the interests and needs of different generations inside and outside the business. Retirement planning is coordinated for mutual tax benefit and optimized investment. Representation is provided for questions or issues arising from tax returns, appeals or other business decisions.

Accounting & Audit

Family business owners can choose from a variety of cash management, bookkeeping and reporting solutions, including personal financial statements, quarterly business reporting, financial reviews, compilation, review, and audit reports; software solutions, strategic planning and other research.

Succession and Estate Planning

For multiple business entities and diverse portfolios, Giddings & Associates can provide tax and financial strategies for the timing and structure of family succession and estate plans. We capture critical details that support a successful transfer of wealth as well as income in a complex state and federal tax climate.


One added value of working with Giddings & Associates is our emphasis on special projects and research that help families understand their opportunities and risks in any business decision. We have assisted with improved cash flow management, laid out the pros and cons of new investments and even given advice on life-changing circumstances such as marriage, adoption and retirement.

After talking with us, you’ll be clear on what’s at stake before making important decisions. Once you make them, we’ll support your next steps.