Chart Your Future, With Help

Professionals, clergy, entrepreneurs, entertainers and other individuals choose Giddings & Associates for detailed analysis and services that advance their careers and help them plan for the future.

Working with individuals at different life stages, we make sure that their retirement planning is on pace, their cash flow is managed well and their liability is minimized. Clients who live outside the U.S. require additional assistance on insurance, foreign banking and investment decisions as well as taxation.

Giddings also works with professionals in law, health care, real estate, entertainment, sports, technology and other ventures. We advise these clients on compensation and benefits issues, profitability benchmarks, taxes and personal financial statements so they always know where they stand financially. Contact us to discuss your individual needs in the following areas:

Tax Services

Giddings & Associates values the individual tax client as much as the business tax client. Many of our clients have complex tax situations due to their careers, family structures or goals in life. Giddings provides resident and non-resident tax planning, preparation and filing; representation with taxing authorities and advice regarding tax-efficient financial decisions.

Personal Financial Statements

Contact Giddings & Associates to analyze your financial situation and provide an accurate and detailed personal financial statement for the purposes of financing, estate planning, career decisions and other goals. We also provide budget analysis and financial reviews for individuals involved in the production of creative works such as independent filmmaking.

Estate and Gift Planning

Choose tax and financial strategies that establish the proper timing and structure of gifts and estate decisions. Giddings provides strategic planning for individuals to ensure preservation of cash flow as well as opportunities to share your assets with loved ones and causes — sooner rather than later. We can help you make decisions about college funding, trusts, philanthropic interests and other goals.


Giddings & Associates offers additional consulting services and research to help you understand the opportunities and risks in any financial or career decision. We have assisted athletes with tax questions, filmmakers with profit and loss projections and investors with foreign real estate interests. You name the dream and Giddings will provide hard numbers and straightforward advice.